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About Digital Art / Student Official Beta Tester ZairieeneFemale/Finland Recent Activity
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☣Projects and Progress

Comeback animation video

◄Choosing what meme's I'm going to do
◄Trying to decide which character goes to which meme
◄*cries inside* this is gonna take ages xD but will be finished !

Started to animate

◄That's not me [meme] Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi
◄3's (Planning what characters I use and skecthing)
◄ Smoooch~ meme (planning how to heck I do that! x'D )

Trade list & Requests

◄ Request Zombie monster Progress Bar 01 by Pikishi

Personal Art To Do List
-Group picture snk themed (Hve to re-draw because Jumelle's design changed)
-New pics of Jumelle
-Maybe open AT's some brightful day e_e


♦ If you want to trade with me, go ahead and ask with note or comment ♥
Though I usually inform when trades are open :meow:
Just wait. by Sharkfu

❤Fox is love, Fox is life



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Welcome to my page!

Will be back soon! c:
I got a puppy <333
•I'm from Finland and I've graduated from Helsinki's upper secondary school of visual arts.
•I usually like to draw fantasy- related and creepy and wicked stuff >Creepy long grins, gloomy atmospheres/backgrounds, dark Creatures, beasts, dragons and canines.

You can come talk to me if you want!~ <:


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momogatari Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Hi how are you doing? ^^ haven't heard of you in months, is everything okay? ovo
Zairieene Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hellow! nvn/~Smile 
I'm doing fine, I'm not dead xD!
A lot of has been happening in real life so I haven't got any time to publish my work here (even tho I have done some! :dummy:)
And then they will just appear here in huge explosion x'D

-In March I was focusing on preminilaly assigments > Where I Needed to draw three different pictures. Really annoying theme..Politism ,A, -sigh- and why its annoying, because I don't much follow what is happening in politic news, who new ppl there are and so on.
So I was scratching my head ''Who should I draw and what kind of animal it looks like the most?..*googles*'' x'D
-On January I was traveling with my friends, I was on a cruising ship. It was fun trip. Also a bit scary too ,m, There was a really tall guy who followed me around and it was creepy as heck.

-All in all I have been sozialicing with my friends.
And Trying to get a job. Summer job. :'D Bad luck with that TAT' I almost got a job as a digital designer but then the person who asked me as an designer just went quiet and haven't talk to me since. O.o Oh well~
-I have been sketching all of my future drawing ideas on the paper so after next week I FINALLY can do something what I like to do!~ :meow:

Last month my friends made a surprise party for me. It totally surprised x'D They were planning it over a month, I had no idea. :'D All happened so fast. I was tired and I just wanted to go shower and sleep and when I opened my home door, I see one of my friends running behind the corner! x'D Then he noticed that he failed to hide and then he steps out and are just like ''...hi *big grin and waves* '' and after that everyone else pops out and be like SURPRISE! :la: *cough* At first I thought that I had robbers in my home, haha! x'''D My lil sister let them in, she gave a key for them so they can come early prepare everything before I come back home... Sneaky sister :'D So thats why she asked me to come with her and go look for shoes and pants xDD I knew something funny was going on. She never asks me to look shoes for her because I have totally different taste xD
Gosh so random day that was, but fun! :'3 <3

And My friend got a puppy few weeks ago! *v* Clein pliz. It still has its puppy hair , so it looks like a small fluffy bear pup : DD
I am also getting a puppy pretty soon.~ I've been collecting money over 6 months now, and now its time to fullfill the dream. I'm getting Landseer. <3 ( lol the size differense to the clein pliz is ..huge xDD )
At first I was actually planning to get phynx cat (the cat which doensn't have any hair, bald cat with wrinkles :'3 ) but sadly the breeder who I have been talking to few months now said that no kittens for this summer and autumm and I was like awh thats too bad :C Maybe some years later I'll get that one too, but not now. One dog gives me enough work and time! :'D
-And this month 4th day I was checking my email, I got plane tickets to HK and the flight leaves tomorrow night..I had only TWO days prepare myself. Am I ready? No. Absolytely not. I'm scared a bit, but I guess everything will be fine..My plane won't fall from the sky and crash on peak of the mountain or on the sea, and I won't die magi gif Yunan . It's really rude to refuse from a gift, especially when it have cost a fortune. I need to take a deep breath and just go and experience and see the world!  Usually trips like these you plan like over 6 months or longer, and I had time 48 hours! I have now words... -panic-Hase Panicing Icon . I hope I won't forget anything > Like underwear, lol. *lets wish I don't die there and I come back as one piece*

How are you? :''3 What have you been doing all these months? 
momogatari Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Glad to hear you're doing well! ^^ I was a little bit worried tho xD
Can't wait to see your newest works :3

Pretasks, eh? Were you trying to apply to somewhere, a school or something? ovo
How did it go?

Sounds like you've been having a lot of fun~ And that's good. :3
I hope you will get a job at some point, it can be difficult at times but don't give up ^^

Aw a puppy! OvO I wish I could get a puppy too. Be sure to post some pictures of him/her
when you get the puppy ^^ I'd love to see!

Tickets to HK? Do you mean Hong Kong? xD And is this about that same thing you told me about
months ago? xD U know that guy who wanted you to visit him in Hong Kong or something like that..
Well anyhow that sounds pretty rad, I wouldn't have the guts to just go somewhere without planning
a lot lol! Be safe! 

Well when it comes to me, I have just been drawing like a mad man xD You may notice I have improved a bit haha...
It has been a crazy journey, but I think I'm getting the hang of drawing. Gladly I've gotten a lot of support from other
people :3 And umm that's pretty much it xD
Zairieene Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Sorry for the late reply, alot of stuff has been happening in short notice, phew~ T.T''

Yeah I was trying to apply to the Metropolia 3D animation school, but I didn't get in. Its about the luck who is judging ur works. I've heard that some of the judges there are assholes who admires and prefers only one kind of style and declines every other style very cruelry and unprofessionally. :thumbsdown: lol , welph I try again next year, haha xD !

I got the puppy! :la: She's been about two weeks at my home now. She's 10 weeks old at the moment, she is small now but will grow so fast. :'3 Breed is Landseer, and her name is Kami. I noticed surprising detail on her forehead. She has in the middle of her foredhead a spot, which is why I named her 'Kami' -god being, usually god beings have spot on forehead+ spot is shaped like a heart! ovo/
here's one pic of her :3 ~…
and another

and HK trip was pretty epic adventure! xD I'm alive, lol! There was so hot and humid that I was almost the whole week like ''x_____x can we go inside, I'm dying here'' Too hot for finnish person x'D I'm glad everyone liked me there. Everyone were so kind to me. And well I was like one shining spot there, I stood out pretty much there x'DD I had this feeling that everyone knew I was from Finland, lol. I saw zero blonde haired ppl there, it was so weird :'D Ocean Park was cool :3 I saw one warlus there, it was so random and cute :la:
oh and about that guy, yeah of course he tried to do something weird but I said insta no, and he listened+ he respects my father. He even said to his friend (I saw the text because his friend showed it to me x'D ) that " I won't do anything to her, her dad will kill me! " lol good to know. My dad is not even scary x'D
I visited Bangkok too! Although I was only at the bangkoks airport the whole 15 hours. Oh and what did I do the whole 15 hours? Nothing.. absolutely nothing! 8'DD I was just walking around back and forth and then I took 25 minutes long nap and then I stepped in to the plane and sat there like 10 more hours. When I got back to Finland, I had been awake about 35 when I went to my sister place, I literally passed out when I laid down to the bed :'D and I slept 15 hours.

Yeah I did notice ôwô/! I'm really REALLY proud of you! Bro hug  <3 Keep it up!~Little Pixel Heart 

At 1 day of August I'm moving to my sister place >because my little sister wants to move together with her boyfriend b: Oh well I don't mind, even tho I liked this apartment and neighbours! x'D 

I believe when my puppy is 12 weeks old , I'll get enough time FINALLY finish and draw something here xD 
She is now so young that I need to babysit her almost 24 hours per day, and go take her out to pee and poopoo every 2 hours /or often o_o >at the first days I took her out like over 35 times a day, even at night xD ..yup it was pretty tiring+ I needed to carry her all the way up and down from 7th floor (because by that time our evelator was not functioning (revonation) -> now they have repaired it and I don't need to carry 10 Kg puppy up and down, haha x'DD One positive thing was that my hand- and leg muscles grew, i feel so buff Dignity Laugh 

I feel awful that I haven't been here posting art in months, omg, time flies. Life happens. Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2]  damn you life, stop bothering me.


MMiigo Featured By Owner May 27, 2015
Äääp koeviikko en kerenny sulle piirtää mitää äää ; - ;
♥ Hyvää synttäriä <33 ♥
Hugbirthday cake Come Here Let Me Hug 
Zairieene Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hee eisse mitii! ,v,/~ <3 Ja kiitush paljon pottusein! TwT Let me hug you! 
FunDrawDude Featured By Owner May 27, 2015
Hyvää synttärii~! :D :la:
Zairieene Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Yee! Kiitus paljon! nwn/ :dummy: <3
xX-NIGHTBANEWOLF-Xx Featured By Owner May 27, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
happy fluffday
Zairieene Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Thank you very much! :meow: <3 :'3
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